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Frequently asked questions

Our solar products are eco-friendly, cellphone charging products that get power from the sun and stores it in a back up battery attached to the backpack. The battery storage is so that the product can keep charging smartphones even when out of the sun. All products are high quality material and easy to use.

Battery type : Lithium Ion battery
Solar Panel: Mono-crystalline
Battery sizes: Backpacks 2000-2600 mah, Pouch-1000 mah, waist bag- 1000 mah

When a 2000 mah battery is fully charged, the LED light can go up to 6 hours. It shines brighter than a candle.

With direct sunlight and no interruptions it should take 4 hours. Make sure the solar panel is facing the sun.

Using USB charging cable , plug USB port to the battery USB output, then the product will begin charging the smartphone automatically.

Depending on your use, the solar armband has a smaller solar panel therefore it charges the battery slower than the waist bag. Therefore we recommend the armband for more leisure use as well as very moderate outdoor activities.

Cellphone output on products
– A 1000 mah battery will give you a 25-30% battery life on your phone when 1000 mah is fully charged.
– A 2000 mah battery will give you a 50-60% battery life on your phone when 2000 mah is fully charged.
– But for maximum output make sure the unused App’s are off.

Our products are 1000 ,2000 or 2600 mah but we do offer tailor made batteries for client use and that will result in a higher price for the product.

They can charge cell phones, MP3 players, tablets, some digital cameras, etc. other 5V and 6V devices.

We recommend that charging cables should be the original charging cables of devices.

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